Imagine the feel of a slight, gentle breeze on your skin. The breeze blows just enough to move the leaves of palm trees gently back and forth. The leaves of the trees make a dark silhouette against the gradually lightening sky.

Imagine the fresh smell of the air… the smell of the clean water and sand. It is a refreshing scent.

Picture in your mind the sound of the water lapping against the shore. The sea is so calm, the waves are very quiet, but you can hear them as they move gently and calmly.

Hear the slight rustling of leaves as the palm branches sway gently.

It is early morning, and you are the only one here. This is such a calm, safe, pleasant place. Relax here near the gentle ocean.

Perhaps you are on a deck with wooden tables… umbrellas, closed for the night. They will soon be opened to provide shelter from the sun, but for now they remain with their cloth tops folded down, as if resting.

Small huts with grass roofs provide shelter for some of the tables. During the day, this place is bustling with activity, as people sit at the tables in the shelter of the grass huts, sipping cool drinks by the water. But now, all is quiet… peaceful…. serene.